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Scootman Music & Audio Production, located in Nashville, TN, provides award-winning, world class original music, sonic branding, audio recording & 5.1 mixdown (studio or live), sound design and multilingual voiceovers and localization for any multimedia project.

Jeff Wedding



"Scott is blessed with a very special ear for creating music for motion pictures. His ability to screen a film, absorb its meaning, and then produce a score that is brilliant for that particular piece has been a remarkable pleasure for me as well as many others with whom he has worked. Scott is a true musical wonder, a fabulous guy and an honest gift to filmmakers."

Melannie O'Connor

Scholastic Video


"Scootman Music Productions is truly professional in every sense of the word. Their talent is equaled only by their dedication to a quality product, every time. Through many late nights and demanding deadlines, they have always been patient, always creative, always a pleasure to work with!"

Kevin McGhee

Magnetic Dreams


"Anytime our projects call for music, Scootman Music Productions is our first call. Great talent and easy to work with...what more can you want?"

Colleen Seigo

Creative Director


"Crazy projects… last minute deadlines… and did they run away screaming?! No, they completed them on time and on budget, and as always the work was amazing. Scootman Music Productions has always been there when we needed them and I will continue to torment them for years to come!"

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